Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo BL3 Box

Thule 612 Hyper XL cargo box is a stylish and durable rooftop rack for your car. It not only gives you enough space to carry your stuff quite easily but its outstanding design and metal finish give it a very unique shape to give your car a new and stylish look. If you are looking for a rooftop cargo box for your car then Thule box is the best cargo box for suv among the rooftop cargo boxes for sale. There are many other cargo boxes on the market claiming to be the best but you can easily understand the reality by looking at the cargo box reviews, that the Thule box is ranked at number 1 spot due to its design durability and comfort.


Let’s have a look at its key features what makes it stand out of other cargo boxes.


Well the key feature that makes it different from other rooftop boxes is its design as it is sleek and is designed keeping aerodynamics in mind that is why it gets along with your car quite nicely and after installation it seems like a part of your car and not like the other rooftop which looks like a box kept on the roof of your car. Its aerodynamics make sure it doesn’t affect your cars performance and doesn’t add to fuel consumption of your car.

Its available in black and silver finish which is used in most of the rooftop boxes available for sale in the market but how the designers of the Thule box used black and silver color is very impressive and it looks very beautiful with the black finish and with the silver X on the top.


Thule box offers a large storage capacity of 110 lb. which is enough to carry most of your stuff for camping or for outdoor activities. If you are a sports lover you can pack 5 to 7 pair of skis or skateboards in it If you love spending your nights under the open skies, Thule 612 hyper rack is the way for you as it can easily fit the whole camping equipment in it Its internal dimensions are 78.25 x 325 x 145 inches and you can carry most of your stuff with you very conveniently. It can be open from both the driver side and the rare side of your car making it quite easy for you to reach for your stuff.

Easy and convent

Thule rack box is very easy to mount up on your car. It doesn’t need any special equipment to be fitted on the car’s rooftop as it comes with ACU tight system and you just have to place it on the roof bars and have a quick look at the box that is centered at the top of your car when centered open either of the driver or rare sides door and stand on the sill of the car’s door, open the box and you will find four knobs inside the box right above foot paddles of the box, start tightening the knobs. Keep on tightening until you hear the crack sound. After tightening all of the four knobs pack your box with your stuff and you are good to go.

Pros of Thule 612 hyper rack.

• It’s very stylish.
• It’s very easy to use and is extremely convent.
• Its the most aerodynamically sound box available on the market so its good for your car.
•Lightweight only 58 lb.
•Easy to load and unload because it can be opened from both sides.
• It provides maximum safety due to its secure look system.

Cons of Thule 612 hyper rack

• Its build quality is not so good so you have to be very careful with it or you can break its coroners very asily.
• Its very expensive as compared to other rooftop boxes on the market.

Customers reviews

On the biggest online marketplace 123 customers have given it 43 rating out of 5 which is great as compared to other boxes.


If you can pay its price and you can be a little careful while using Thule box it is the best choice available for you right now in the market.

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