Cargo Box Thule Force BL3 Black Review



  The Thule force cargo box black is a type of external car storage which provides secure weatherproof storage without impacting mileage and also without creating so much of a to-do. The Thule box is an aerodynamic and low profile cargo box to go with and it can hold outdoor equipment for close to five people. It can be mounted on top of the car.


  According to cargo box for sale reviews in amazon the product has close to about a 4.4/5 star rating with up to three hundred and eighty-four reviews Some of the customers say that they like the product because it is easy to mount on top of the car, it has a warranty such that if it spoils quickly you are assured of a quick replacement, it fits and it also has an outstanding operation among other customer reviews. It is mounted on top of the car on bars whereby the clamps are tightened to the feet from the inside to make it more steady and to avoid it from dropping.


Some of its features include:

  1. The presence of an aero skin. The texture of the aero skin is that of a diamond. It is durable and it has an aerodynamic shape which helps it to cut through the air.
  2. The presence of a dual side opening. This helps the user to be able to load or even offload from any side of the vehicle due to its side openings. This helps save on time if one is in a hurry.
  3. It has a secure lock. The lock is easy to grasp even with slippery hands or even while wearing gloves. It ensures the safety and security of ones luggage A.
  4. It has dimensions of about 92.5’long x 36’wide x 18’high.


  Some of the advantages of the box are that they are easy to mount on roof racks sometimes even without the instructions which I tend to think is very convenient. It is also accessible from both sides hence it is not compulsory for access to it from only one side. It has a lightweight hence it is easy to carry. Lastly, it has a large capacity enabling you to store more than you expect.


  Some of the cons of the product are that the hinging system is kind of flimsy so if it is stressed out it can easily disconnect Another disadvantage is that the cargo box is not secure for small items when it is not filled properly even though there is provision of different sizes of the cargo box hence you can buy one that suits your needs.


  The Thule box can be bought from the Amazon, a bay and the most recommended place to buy the cargo box is from the e-trailer where they provide expert service, fast shipping to anywhere and they also sell at very affordable prices if you are determined to buy online. You can also find the product in various car spare part stores. The Thule force cargo box black has been ranked as one of the top ten cargo boxes and is now one of the best selling cargo boxes in the market due to the difference of other cargo boxes like the dual access and four groups and also because it has an outstanding finish.


  However, the Thule force cargo box black has a limited warranty it still has a good market.


  In my opinion, it is the best cargo box so far due to its quality and features. It is especially good for snowboards and skiffs of up to 220cm. It brings out high convenience and reliability to the user of the product. It is awesome for a trip and it also looks and feels great due to its matte black finish. I would choose quality all day keeping in mind that cheap is expensive. Quality here is Thule force cargo box black.

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