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There is a general problem that most people owning cars face. The car may be spacious enough but not enough when you have a family to travel with or you need to make a trip with extra luggage. You may not have realized that you can be able to extend this space by mounting a rooftop cargo box carrier on your car. There are several of this type to suit your need and can always be fixed on your car without having to worry about car sizes or model. In this article, you will be able to identify the best cargo carrier that you may need for your car and also get a review of Yakima SkyBox Carbonite– a leading rooftop cargo box carrier in the market.

What do you need to consider before buying any rooftop cargo carrier?

Accessibility: before you purchase your cargo box, it’s advisable to check on how easily it can be accessed. Most cargo boxes are designed to open from the side, but there are also the advanced boxes in the market that have improved this factor by making their best roof cargo box to have a dual opening. This is important help you get your good from either side of the car.

Security: most of the rooftop cargo carriers can help you secure your belongings while you are traveling. You may have very confidential data that you are transporting to a given location and you wouldn’t wish that they are accessed before you reach your destined point. In case you are also traveling during rainy seasons, then be assured that these rooftop cargo boxes will protect them from being rained on.

Size: there are different boxes of varying sizes. This is to ensure that they can be mounted on any types of a car without any problem of length variation. It’s also essential to check on the size of the cargo box so as to be sure that it will be suitable for the size of the cargo you will be carrying.

Material: the material composition of a cargo box will define the time period of service it will offer you Durability is a serious factor to consider when buying a cargo box. This is because you will not always have to spend every time purchasing the same thing over and over again while you have an option of buying a product that can be durable enough to serve as much as you need.

Shape: shape offers you an advantage of traveling smoothly without any air drag. This means that there will be reduced noise when you pick on the right shape of your cargo box. The best choice is always that with an aerodynamic design.

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

This is an advanced rooftop cargo box with the most current digital features which have impressed a higher percentage of customers who have bought it This box is suitable for your car since it will never take you centuries to mount it on your car. Its specification as will be listed below gives it an advantage of security and durability.

Features Internal lid stiffeners This lid assists you when you want to open and close your box. This is important since it reduces the chances of the box getting damaged thus increasing the durability of the box.

Aerodynamic shape

This cargo box is designed with an aerodynamic shape (aerodynamic-carbonate-textured-lid and aerodynamic bars) which help to minimize air drag hence reduces the amount of your car consume while traveling. This shape is also important since it reduces noise as you travel.

Dual opening

This cargo box can be open from either side of the car thus making it best for your travel since you can locate the content of your box easily without having to move round to a given point where the box can be opened as in the case of boxes with one side opening.

Made of carbonate elements

The carbonate element is useful since it cannot be affected by rain and can last long enough when taken care of The content of your box cannot be damaged because carbonite prevents any massive impact that may occur.

Advanced security system

It is equipped with a more advanced security system which ensures your contents are always safe. This means that no one is able to bypass the security of your box without your permission.


  1. Carbonate material makes it durable.
  2. Reduced noise when traveling.
  3. The content of your box is always secured.
  4. It is large enough to accommodate your  luggage.
  5. Has an aerodynamic design that reduces air drug hence reduced fail consumption.
  6. Has a dual opening hence reduces time spent when accessing your cargo.

Customer reviews

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars of the 362 customers who reviewed it. 79% of the customers rated it with 5 stars while 11% rated it with 4 stars, 3% giving 3 stars, 4% rated it with 2 stars and 3 % rated it with 1 star. This implies that with the higher percentage giving it a higher rating, then this product is the best in the market.


  1. It makes some noise while traveling.
  2. Heavy weight hence tiresome to mount.
  3. It’s costly to purchase.


These guidelines are sufficient enough to make you do the right judgment on the right rooftop cargo box you will need for your car. This review of Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box can also show you that this is the best cargo box that meets your need. if you have been looking a cargo box for sale, then you can visit https//www.amazon.com/Yakima-Skybox-Carbonite-Cargo-Boxidp/BOOJCIWHZLO to get this cargo box.

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