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The SportRack Horizon cargo box is a rugged ABC material covered cargo box that works to blend in perfectly with your desired gear that you would like to carry with you while in transit whether its your car, truck, or even van. The cargo box is available in three different sizes for the customer’s preferable option. The cargo box easily fixes on the rooftop of your car by just mounting it on the rails. Its efficiency and design would see the box rank as one of the top best rooftop cargo boxes in the market.

Key features


Opens at the passenger side for easy and safe loading and unloading for passengers, the cargo box has been built in a way that the lid opens only on the passengers door side. Internally the box has been fitted with hinges that keep the lock open when in use and easily drops the lid when done creating a waterproof lining on its edges, this is as a result of the lid overlapping on top of the lower edges and a lock system located on its opening.

Fast installation

The cargo box is designed to easily mount on the rack cross bars. Once in place, U-bolts are placed through drilled holes from below the rails into the interior of the box and with a simple twist, the attaching hardware easily locks by just pressing a red button.

Aerobic shape

The box has been designed in a streamlined shape in order to allow easy free flow of air to the back of the car while on transit. This significantly cuts down on noises made from obstruction. this also results in less fuel consumption rate since the vehicle can easily cut through the air with the box on its rooftop with no need of removing it over a long period of time.

Durable ABS plastic cover

Despite the exterior, weather conditions, this cover is made purposely to keep the box moisture free and at the same, the material protects the cargo from UV rays or even intentional and unintentional strikes on the box.


Pros of SportRack Horizon cargo box

The SportRack Horizon cargo box easily fits with various factory systems, the SportRack frontier systems.its available in three sizes. this gives you the option to choose which rack perfectly fits your car and the same time takes care of all your cargo needs Very fast to mount on the rails due to its easy-snap fixing systems.Has a lock system that keeps the lid closed after use and even in transit. This also works to keep away intruders and thieves. Its lid is secured with a waterproof system where the lid is constructed in a way that it overlays the edges of the lower part of the box to create a watertight system.
From Amazon cargo box reviews, this product has an average rating of 4.1. this is from 63 customers who have purchased the product.

Cons of SportRack Horizon cargo box

Customers have issued minor complains about the cargo box mounting system failure. In order to have the cargo box fit firmly, you have to go a step further to tighten it up over the rails since the mounting process still leaves the box properly secured on the roof. The lock system is not smooth and efficient as one would like and also lazily placed on the inside where it can be easily sabotaged by the cargo. From the making of one of the best cargo box, these problems are quite minor and can be easily fixed at home in just a few minutes making it one of the best affordable cargo box for sale in Amazon.


Being a member of the Thule group companies the SportRack looks to provide stylish cargo box to its consumers that’s beside providing extra room for cargo, it also keeps the cargo safe from damage and intact and at the same time giving the car an elegant fashion look.
Limited Lifetime Warranty SportRack warrants all its car rack systems and all other products from the company but this is only valid when the said product is in the possession of the original owner on the products life. This contract immediately ends and considered null when the ownership of the product is transferred to another person.

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