Traxion 3-100-FPP Foldable Topside Creeper


Have you ever been faced with situations where your car fails in a remote area? Just like a human, we get sick and we can’t avoid that In such a situation, you must be prepared when you have your car for anything can always happen along the way. One great move you can take is to equip yourself with Traxion 3-100-FPP Foldable Topside Creeper. What you need to know is that it’s the best topside creeper that you can find in the market. This is because of its design and ease of use that most people find very relevant when it comes to car maintenance and repair. There are so many topside creeper reviews out there but you need to have a look at this one.


Padded deck

For too long can be very tedious and disappointing especially when you are using the wrong tools. Bending all over the engine for a long time can cause you spinal cord problems. That is why you will need this topside creeper to save you out The padded deck is covered with a heavy vinyl to enhance comfort. It also makes it easier for you to clean your deck and work for a longer period without having to feel back pain.

Locking casters

This the best choice you could ever make. With the two locking casters to ensure that the creeper is stable in your working position, you will never have a reason to get worried about your safety is always of great concern. If you also need to save space, then you won’t find any problem working with this creeper for the 4 locking casters will help to move easily when looking for the best position to reach your car engine.

Heavy-gauge steel

We are all talking about durability, so you should also make it a concern to. There is no need of buying a topside creeper that is weak and cannot serve you for a long time putting in mind that tearing and wearing occur mostly when there is too much friction.
Why don’t you purchase Traxion 3-100-FPP Foldable Topside Creeper which is designed with heavy-gauge steel that has high resistance to damages?

Adjustable height

We all understand that at times you can be dealing with different types of cars which have different heights. This may be a disappointment when you have a fixed topside creeper for it will not allow you to do your maintenance effectively. Use Traxion 3-100-FPP Foldable to reach every part of your car engine by taking advantage of its adjustable heights.

Foldable units

How are you planning to store your topside cleaner when it cannot be easily folded? You did not have to worry, because this topside creeper can be sued folded away to give ample space for. This will help to minimize the space used

Pros of the product

• Made of strong material which increases its durability.
• Designed with locking casters which enhance safety.
• It’s comfortable.
• Adjustable height for use on any car engine.
• It’s easy to use.

Customer reviews and scores

This is among the best topside creepers available in the market, this can be shown by the comment and reviews people have given it Looking through topside creeper reviews on Amazon, it has an average rating of 42 stars out of 5 stars. This is after 197 customer reviews.

Cons of product

One of the problems that most users complain about is that this topside creeper can be very dangerous if the locking casters fail to work. So if everything is kept in position, one needs to replace its casters when they begin seeing signs of failure. Another problem is that as much as it’s good, the price is still a problem. It’s too much for some people


If you own a garage or you own a car and you would like to have some tools with you, then never omit Traxion 3-100-FPP Foldable Topside Creeper. The warranty package can be found on the manufactures website.

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