Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper



Having to deal with vehicle maintenance can sometimes be very difficult especially when you are caught up in a lonely environment. Typically it can take longer to wait for a mechanic to come to your aid. To avoid such situations from occurring, you need to be prepared every time and this can only be possible when you have all the necessary tools that can help you deal with some minor problems. One of these tools is a creeper which can help you to lift your car to allow you to repair your car with eases and comfortability. Because there are so any Topside creepers in the market, this article will guide on the basic features pros and cons of Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper which can be the only hope when you are messed up in the middle of nowhere.

Features of Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

• I-Base designTraxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

Are you still doubting whether this Topside creeper can work in your car? You actually need this tool more than any other tool. This is because it has been designed in an I-Base Design that allows you to place it in any position of your car. This can be very useful especially when you are dealing with a problem under your car It will, therefore, give you enough room to repair your car.

• Holding Capacity of 400 lbs.

How much does your car weigh? I hope you understand the impact of exposing your Topside creeper to weight that exceeds its carry capacity. You do not have a good reason to worry because our creeper was designed to meet the needs of each and every one of us. With a carrying capacity of 400 lbs., the truth is that it will be able to lift the majority of the heavy vehicles. So do not buy a creeper that won’t work with the weight of your car.

• Locking CastersTraxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

There have been reported cases where mechanics die in the while they repair cars just because their lifting devices failed. The reason is that most of them do not take into consideration the security measures while buying these items. Traxion 3-700 Progear Topside is the best choice when it comes to safety measures. It’s constructed with locking casters to lock the position where you have set it This is a good way to ensure that nothing happens to you while dealing with your car repair and maintenance.

• Adjustable heights from 53 inches to 75 inchesTraxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

Do not allow your height to limit your potential. You realize that it may be a hard task for you to work on the front of a lorry engine if you are slightly shorter Most of the time you will be working while you are uncomfortable and you may be rushing faster which can lead to some errors. The best solution for you is to buy this Best topside creeper for it has the ability to work from a height of 53 inches to 75 inches. This will allow you to reach most parts of that car engine even if the car engines are located in a higher position.

• Upholstered cover

Whenever you wished to replace your deck, you will not have to suffer much because the upholstered cover easily slides over a sling to ensure your safety and comfortability is maintained.


  •  Takes a short time to assemble
  • Locking casters increase safety while working.
  • It’s less costly compared to other creepers.
  • It’s compatible with all car.

Customer reviews and scoresTraxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

This creeper has been reviewed with 110 customers which have given it’s an average rating of 42 stars out of 5 stars. 66% of the 110 customers rated it with 5 stars which means that it still remains to be the best creeper in the market.


The problem that most customers complained about is that the adjustability and cord control isn’t that pleasing. But the truth is that the company can improve on this technicalities to ensure it’s the Best topside creeper in the market.

ConclusionTraxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

There are so many topside creeper reviews but this is unique as it highlights the true features, pros, and cons of Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper. We believe that this is the best choice we have in the market.

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